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A strategy is a proactive approach to saving money without changing your lifestyle. It means looking at your situation and determining moral, legal, and ethical ways to keep more in your pocket.

At Modewealth, we go beyond your CPA, or Wealth Advisor Experience to create a personal Cash Flow Optics Report designed to give you a blueprint toward your next best financial decision.


Once a strategy is created specifically for you, a plan is only as good as your ability to understand and implement it based on the current financial and regulatory environment. We have a team of specialized CPAs and wealth advisors whos primary role is helping you achieve the strategies determined to help you reach your goals.

Whether it be current cash flow needs, or future retirement creation or tax efficiency, Modewealth will help you get it done.


Once the strategy is created, and implementation of your strategy is complete, optics are how you monitor your progress and adapt in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

Modewealth has a combination of several Cash Flow Optics tools to help you in any personal and/or business growth stage. You can’t reach your goals without understanding exactly where the goal line is and the plays it will take to get you there.



Modewealth is a Business Advisory Firm with the sole purpose of ensuring business owners have the tools and resources they need to grow their business. Business owners should do what they love without the fear of paying too much in taxes, falling out of compliance, or not having the ability to identify traps that could cost them money. Or even worse, their business.
Our expertise starts with our ability to identify areas of your business that present the most opportunity for cost savings, while also identifying areas that present the most potential future liability.
Let us help you create the future you’ve envisioned, by ensuring you maximize every available opportunity while avoiding the traps of an entrepreneurial ship without advisors.

Melvin R. Young CEO

Plenty of partners will appear when you reach your financial goal. Even more, will be there when you reach their financial goal for you worthy of making their prospect list. My question is, How many of them were there with a strategy to ensure you got there in the first place? Helping you get there is what we do.

the Squad


My career has been dedicated to helping financial professionals transform their businesses.

Chief CPA

I am dedicated to implementing your strategies and creating moral, legal, and ethical approaches to your goals.

Investment Advisor Liason

As the founder of several financially holistic businesses, I help our clients secure what they have built and create wealth.

Tax Strategy Liason

Because I know that tax planning is not one size fits all, I am there to help even in the most complex situations.

Product Manager

I ensure that everything runs as smoothly as is possible. Customer service excellence is the goal of our staff.

Compliance Team

We make sure that compliance is the foundation of everything that Modewealth does.


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